H&F (Guangzhou) Intelligent Technology Limited. was founded by two professionals in the digital printing industry with 10 years of experience in February 2017, focusing on digital operation equipment R & D and application, H&F company adhere to the customer as the center, to struggle-oriented, adhere to sound operation, Open cooperation, So that the company to maintain long-term effective growth.

We have the most complete product line in the industry, covering most of the market demand. The company has 10 years of core team and factory professional manufacturing experience for many years.

Our products are exported to more than 30 countries such as Russia, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Vietnam, UAE, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Tanzania, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, etc, Agents.

H&F committed to become a global customer and the whole society to create the greatest value of the company, at the same time, H&F did not forget the initial heart, and present fulfill their corporate social responsibility.

In order to meet the Revolutionary progress as the goal, and actively for the global customers and the global society to create value.